Whether you are a global entrepreneur wanting to shelter your hard-earned capital; a highly mobile professional seeking stability and security in your financial planning; a celebrated athlete planning your future retirement or an heir who has been entrusted with your family’s estate, our role at AKTS remains essentially the same. Our job is to advise each individual client on how best to navigate through the complexities (and pitfalls) of financial markets in order to achieve their long-term wealth management goals whilst respecting their own experience and expectations. As such, we pride ourselves on the fact that no two clients’ portfolios are the same, and that each one is built and managed according to these four timeless principles:

Communication as a Keyword

Effectively empowering clients to take control of their long-term financial well-being can only be achieved by interacting with them throughout the wealth management cycle. To ensure that investors are comfortable with the risk and reward outlook of their portfolio at all times, we devote the necessary time to evaluate and understand our clients’ often-evolving capabilities and perspectives, but also their expectations and investment experience. As such, in cooperation with our clients, we aim to bring we bring clarity and purpose to the otherwise daunting task of managing one’s wealth.

One-Fit-Solutions fit No-one

We exclusively engage our clients in an advisory capacity. We have deliberately refrained from exercising any discretionary portfolio management and, for example, from pooling clients in collective investment schemes. This stems from a firm conviction -developed over time- that no single investment strategy or formula, no matter how holistic and sophisticated, could stand the test of time and perform in a continuously rewarding manner for every profile, ignoring their personal – and often evolving- circumstances. As advisors, we not only ensure that the overall logic of the portfolio is well understood, but also seek our clients’ approval for all specific investment decisions.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

In the same way that wealth is seldom achieved overnight, sturdy wealth management should never be done in a hurry, or under pressure to deliver unrealistic profits. Successful asset management is always a long-term play that demands discipline, vision and patience. In fact, considering that the basic structure of any portfolio is similar in essence, what truly determines performance is the quality of the underlying assets and their strategic and tactical allocation. Whether one has a conservative, balanced or aggressive strategy – or any bespoke blend thereof – intelligent portfolios that are built over time generally prove to be more rewarding, cost-effective and demonstrate increased resilience in the face of economic adversity.

If it is too good to be true, it is not true

The AKTS approach to asset management is markedly prudent and conservative, and we always favor capital preservation with reasonable growth over constantly chasing the furtive and dangerous “alpha”. As a corollary, we do not advise or recommend strategies or investments which we do not fully master, and – perhaps more importantly- which we cannot clearly explain in plain terms. Rather, we prefer an uncomplicated asset allocation comprising best-in-class products and carefully selected positions that work together in synergy within a well-diversified portfolio. By following such simple and yet fundamental rules to asset management, our clients’ portfolios have – on average- comfortably outperformed their benchmark over the years. With such guidelines, we have thankfully steered away from most of the pitfalls and bubbles that have marred investors since the late 1990s and have never been the victims of complex structures or of Ponzi schemes which, in hindsight, everyone agrees were simply too good to be true.